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Deborah Vos is an interior consultant who specialises in the revamp and update of peoples homes. Having come from a photography background, Deborah is very image based and can "see" how things could look very quickly and easily.

Utilising clients own possessions using her discerning eye to look at things afresh and adding to them where need be, she can create a warm, inviting, unexpected and individual interior for her clients. Deborah will always involve the client at every stage of the makeover, working alongside to ensure that their interior ideas become a reality, unless of course they just want her to get on with it!

It is very important to listen to what the client wants and create the best interiors for them.

Deborah can also provide procurement, and can source anything from a pared back Scandinavian look to a full on maximalist luxe feel. She also scours antique stalls, markets, car boot sales for those "one off" gems (this is her forte) and is happy to buy for clients.
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